Papaya- The Super Food!

Hello! My beautiful readers!

I am back with another post today. And it’s not any review . Instead today I will talk about a Super man .. oh-oh umm no, Super fruit actually.  And The name is! *Drum rolls please * Lights – Camera and – Papaya! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› (overacting) .Okay, got it! I have to calm down now, I know. Sorry a bit excited today. Food gives me a boost up. Any food! I am foodie basically and I crave for homemade and healthy food. Okay I ran out of the topic I know.

So where were we?

Yeah , Papaya, it is one of my Favorite fruits( I cannot think about any fruit which I don’t like πŸ˜‰ ) Papayas have a loads of good things packed in them which is not only good for health but also for skin and hair . The best thing which I like about papaya is the way it helps in periods. Yes it does. Though I won’t be (probably would never) suggesting you to eat it during periods but I would like to share some goodness of this super fruit. You will know by the end of this post that why it is super fruit. So keep reading and scrolling and reading and scrolling πŸ˜€

I would like to start with some facts!A little G.K won’t harm πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› :-

Scientific name of Papaya- Carica papaya

Also known as- Pawpaw or papaw, Papita in Hindi, Omakaya in Malyalam, Pappāḷi in Tamil, Papaiya in Gujrati , and Papai in Marathi, Pappayi Hannu in Kannad , Boppayi in Telugu and also known as ” Fruit of angels”. 

It is native to (tropics of america) southern Mexico and neighboring Central America.Originally from the tropics of America, the Spanish and Portuguese explorers brought papayas to many other subtropical lands to which they journeyed including India, the Philippines, and parts of Africa.

Apart from the fruit  it’s leaves also contains some medicinal properties as well.

Nutrients in Papaya

  1. The enzyme Papain: Whenever someone talks about nutritional value of Papaya the first thing that comes in my mind is the enzyme Papain. Papain is a powerful digestive enzyme also referred to as papaya proteinase. This enzyme helps in breaking tough protein fibers and that is why it is still used to tenderize meat  This enzyme is also believed to boost immune system and good for skin and wounds. Traditional cultures in Hawaii and Tahiti made poultices out of the skins of papaya, as this part of the fruit is particularly concentrated in papain and applied it to the skin to heal wounds, burns, rashes and bug stings.
  2. Rich in Antioxidants: The antioxidants present in Papaya helps to counteract the adverse effect of free radicals. It contains caretonoids .They are especially high in a type of carotenoid called lycopene. These antioxidants in papaya is also believed to reduce the chances of heart disease. It reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s disease as well as reduces Oxidative Stress of the body.
  3. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Papaya fruit is rich in vitamin- A & C. Papaya helps in reducing the chances of Cancer as well by perhaps even slow the progression of cancer. It helps in fighting cold and flu as well as helps in improving vision as it contains vitamin-A.  It has surplus amount of iron, potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, and phosphorus which is good for the health of heart.
  4. Loaded with Bioflavonoids

Nutrition chart :- Nutritional chart

Health Benefits of Papayapapaya-while-breastfeeding

  1. Helps is reducing Heart disease and lowers cholesterol: Papaya keeps heart healthy. It has vit-C and A ,antioxidants  and fibers which prevents the clogging of cholesterol in arteries which allows regular and normal flow of blood.
  2. Believe to reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease: Papaya contains surplus amount of antioxidants in it. These antioxidants have the baility to neautralize the free radicals. Some researchers believe that these excessive free radicals in brain is one of the reasons for Alzheimer’s disease. A study was conducted to conclude this fact.( source: click here. point no.-2)
  3. Helps in digestion and constipation: Papaya has dietary fibers as well as enzyme Papain. These two help in digestion as well as gives relief from constipation. People still use it for various stomach ailments like acid reflux, indigestion, and even stomach ulcers.
  4. Helps in visionary problem like Macular degeneration: Macular degenration is a condition where a person slowly loses its entire vision. It is also an age related problem. Though total cure has not been found but t can be controlled if papaya is included in diet. Papaya has vit-A and flavonoids like beta carotene and cryptoxanthin, and lutein.. These flavonoids protects the the mucous membrane of eyes from damage as well as keep it healthy.what-vitamins-are-in-papaya
  5. Boosts immunity: Papayas ca increase immunity of the body and will help those who have low immunity. So you got one more reason to include it in your diet.
  6. Heals wounds, burns, rashes: My mother used to say that papaya seeds have anti fungal and anti bacterial property. I never believed it untill I came to know it from a ayurvedic site that yes papaya seeds do have these properties ( mothers are always right πŸ˜‰ ) . As I already said in begining how Hawaii and Tahiti people used it’s skin for wound and burns healing.
  7. Treats throat problems like tonsil: Due to it’s anti inflammatory properties it also helps in throat infection by preventing infection spreading. Raw papaya juice with honey relieves throat irritation and sore throat. It is also believed to treat Diptheria and tonsils.
  8. Has anticancer properties:  Isothiocyanates, beta-cryptoxanthin, beta-carotene, and lycopene, found in papaya,  help in eradicating the potential carcinogens from the body. They restrain the development of cancerous cells. Its ability to reduce free radicals that contribute to cancer development and progression helps in reducing the chances of cancer.
  9. Controls hormonal imbalance which causes irregular menstrual cycle: So here is a personal experience πŸ˜‰ My periods were often irregular . My mother suggessted me to eat one bowl of papaya.I used to eat papaya mostly either ripe or by making curry of raw papaya which I like a lot! With proper exercise(off course) and papaya diet my periods are regular now. Even when I have to prepone my periods I start jumping and running and eat a half ripe papaya. It helps. The natural way is better than eating lots of medicines for this πŸ™‚
  10. Helps in arthritis pain.: Again, the anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce the arthritis pain.
  11. Helps in weight loss and Weight gain as well.: Papaya can help in maintaining weight as well as weight loss. One bowl of 100 gms of papaya, that’s it. This will help you to maintain as well lose weight. It has 43 calories only.The fiber content in papaya is high and its an amazing option for low calorie and high fiber food or snack.
    Papaya milk shake or papaya milk can help in weight gain as well.
  12. Increases blood platelets count.: Recently when dengue disease increased some people where suggestion to drink papaya leaf juice. This is actually right. Papaya leaf juice with jaggery helps in increasing platelet count.images
  13. Increases lactation.: Raw papaya helps in increasing lactation.
  14.  Reduces Stress: Yes it does. Another reason for you to love papaya. It helps in reducing stress and tension. So when you are back home after a long tired day or if you are tired doing all the work at home, then just take long breath and eat papaya πŸ˜€
  15. Good for diabetes and piles: Though papaya is sweet but actually it contains low level of sugar.Many studies have concluded that papaya extract can actually slow down the development of type-II diabetes, where the pancreas completely loses its ability to make and secrete insulin. So its preferres by diabetic pateints.
    Hemorrhoids also called piles are really painful. Papaya can help cure it.Papayawill soothe the swollen blood vessels in that area, offering relief to that pain.
  16. Helps in nausea and motion sickness: Papaya helps in nausea . It helps ease morning sickness, nausea, and motion sickness due to the presence of vitamins C and E and folate .
  17. Cures ringworm: Raw Papaya have been used for decades to remove ringworm infection. Take papaya slices and rub on the affected area. You can also crush the seeds to form a paste and apply on the skin. Papaya has an enzyme that provides anti fungal qualities and hence it is the best for of treatment for ringworm infection.raw-papaya
  18. Prevents IBS.: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The soluble fiber helps prevent the symptoms of IBS.
  19. Controls High B.P.: Blood pressure controlling .Low levels of potassium in the body also lead to high blood pressure which is an essential mineral to keep your blood pressure under control. Papaya has good amount of potassium to counteract this problem.
  20. Helps in Treating Hypertension: As I said it contains potassium and this helps in controlling B.P, the same is responsible to prevent hypertension. Potassium in papaya is useful in keeping the levels of blood pressure in normal range. Moreover, even experts suggest that people suffering from hypertension must include papaya in their daily diet.

[ Warning: Before you try any of these methods please consult your physician and doctor. Specially Pregnant women πŸ™‚ ] 

Skin benefits of papaya


  1. Helps in pigmentation: Papaya proves to be the best for hyper-pigmentation or pigmentation.Pigmentation may be due to sun tan or hormonal imbalance or acne scar. Papaya evens your skin tone and reduces spots and marks.

    face mask for pigmentation:
    Method 1 :- Take a small crushed papaya slice+1 tsp almond powder or paste+rosewater.Apply this mask all over face.Let it sit for 15 mins. and then wash it off with normal water.Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face.Dry skin- Can mix honey. Method 2:- Take I tbsp Papaya juice. Dip cotton ball in it. Apply all over the face.   Let it dry. Use the juice again if it is left. Let it dry. Wash it off with normal water. Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face.
     Method 3:-  Mix 1 tbsp papaya pulp + 1 tsp aloe vera juice or gel + 1 tsp tulsi juice or 3 drops of tea tree oil.Apply this mask all over the face and let it dry .Wash it off with cold  water.Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face.

    *Do any of these methods thrice a week for better results.Continue this for 2 – 3 months*

  2. Removes Tan:- Vit-A & C and Papain helps in removing tan and clearing complexion

    Papaya face mask for tan removal:

    Method 1 :- Take 1 tbsp of Papaya pulp+ pinch of turmeric( wild turmeric also known as kasturi manjal)+ unboiled milk+honey+ besan(chickpea flour). Mix it nicely and apply all over face. Keep it for 8-10 mins and then wash it off with normal water. Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face.

    Method 2:- Take small cube like papaya slice. Dip it in 1 tsp lemon juice mixed with 2 tsp honey and rose water. Rub it all over the face for 6-8 mins. Wash it off
    with normal water.Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face. Method 3:- Multani mitti(fuller’s earth ) or any clay= 1tbsp + 1tbsp papaya pulp + 1 tbsp curd or tomato juice+ 1/2 tsp turmeric powder. Mix it nicely and apply as face mask. Let it dry for 10 mins and then wash it off with normal water. Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face.

  3. Brightens skin:- Papaya also helps in brightening skin tone. The enzymes present in this helps the skin to brighten up and glow.
    And yes, there is a difference between brightening of skin and whitening. In no way I am going to ever support skin whitening :)The above methods will help in same.
  4.  Helps reducing premature ageing and wrinkles :- Papaya reverses the skin ageing owing to its skin repairing, exfoliating and hydrating action. Few hypothesis supports it has direct anti-aging action as well; papain enzyme reduces wrinkles by modulating the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis.

    Papaya mask for premature ageing and wrinkles:
    Method 1:- 1 tbsp Papaya pulp + 1 tsp Aloe Vera juice or gel + 3 drops of geranium essential oil + 1 tsp evening primrose carrier oil or rose hip oil. Apply this mask and keep it for 15 mins and wash it off with normal water. Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face.Method 2:- 1 tbsp coffee powder + 1tbsp besan(chickpea flour) + 1 tbsp aloe vera juice + 1 tbsp mashed papaya + 1/2 tsp turmeric + 2 tsp sandalwood powder. Apply the mixture. Remove it with water when dried. Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face.Method 3 :- Make papaya peel off mask . Take 1 tbsp gelatin powder or agar-agar + Add 1 to 2 tbsp warm milk. Mix it till it becomes paste like consistency or place your bowl in warn water to completely dissolve the mixture. Now add 1 tbsp of papaya juice. let it slightly cool so that you can bear the temperature. Apply this mixture all over face excluding eye area, hair line and eyebrows. Apply petroleum jelly in these areas. Now allow it to dry completely. When it is dries start peeling the mask from chin in upward direction slowly. No need to remove it in one go. Apply moisturizer after pat drying you face. 
  5. Moisturizes skin:- Papaya is great for those with dry skin. A papaya face pack can make your skin soft and supple. The enzymes present in papaya remove all traces of dry and flaky skin and hydrate it. Use the mashed pulp with glycerin or honey. 
  6. Removes dark circle:- Just rub small cube of papaya slice under the eyes or use aloe vera or almond oil with it. 
  7. Controls acne and pimples:- Apply the pulp with turmeric all over face.1109414_orig
  8. Treats certain skin problems:- Papaya helps as well as cures eczema and psoriasis. 
  9. Removes facial hair:- Yes papaya helps in reducing hair growth and then finally removing it. since this is a natural method it will take time but be consistent with it for 2 months. Try it thrice a week or alternate days.Take a raw papaya pulp=1 tbsp+ kasturi manjal(wild turmeric) + chickpea flour + rose water. Mix it apply it like regular face mask. Remove it by scrubbing in round anti clockwise motion. If it’s very dry damp it a little bit. Now wash the remaining and apply a moisturizer.
  10. Gives inner glow to the skin. Good for skin’s health so eat a bowl of papaya at least twice a week. 
  11. Papaya can also be used as a mild exfoliator and is good for sensitive skin.

[Warning- Please consult dermatologist before trying anything. These things actually help in the mentioned problems but consulting a doctor before using it is better if you have some serious issues with skin]


Hair benefits of papaya


  1. Controls dandruff: Papaya hair mask for dandruff:
    Method 1:-Use papaya pulp= 1 cup with yoghurt or curd. Apply this mask all over hair and scalp. Keep it for half hour and then wash it with mild shampoo and condition.
    Method 2:- Papaya seeds crushed 2 tbsp + lemon juice 1 tbsp + coconut oil 1 tbsp+ amla( indian gooseberry ) powder 3 tbsp. Mix all ingredients and follow the above steps.hair_625x350_51429181118
  2. Deep conditioning:- Mash one 1 cup papaya + add Curd 2 tbsp + Olive oil 2 tbsp. This mask is great for dry hair. images-1
  3. Papaya improves hair growth so include it in your meals.

Now you know that why I was calling it a super fruit! After typing so much now I really crave for papaya πŸ˜›

So guys, thank you so much for reading this and I really  hope that it helps you.

And remember Anything in larger amount is harmful so eat it in limited quantity. Pregnant women, Lactating women and People suffering from diabetes, or eczema or high BP or any such problems should consult their doctor before trying anything. Because every person has a different case. 

So eat well, exercise and stay healthy and happy. That’s my only wish for you lovely people.  I wish there was a add friend button instead of follow but anyways share this with your friends and family and comment below your opinion and Follow me! πŸ˜€  It would mean a lot to me πŸ™‚ 

Take care! Bye!


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