Sivanna corrector blusher highlighter kit 06: REVIEW

Hey! Everyone!!!

I am back after such a long time. Hope you all doing good! Sorry ,got little busy with my exams and I really missed my blog . Anyways I am back!

Today I am going to share my review on Sivanna blush kit 06 as u already know from the title. Sivanna is a not- so – new brand if you watch makeup tutorials very often like me πŸ˜› After reading so many reviews an hype over this little product I thought why not give it a try! So I bought it online, though the availability of this is still an issue.

If you want to know about Sivanna cosmetics you can check out their website : SIVANNA COLORS.

There are total 6 color variants. Today I am going to review the kit no. 06.

I bought it online from :- Amazon

Price : Rs 425 for 15 gm

The product says : Sivanna Colors Is A Leading Brand Of Cosmetics Products And Main Objective Of The Company Is To Provide A Wide Range Of Innovative And Affordable Beauty Accessories Tools From Head To Toe To The Indian Consumer. The Perfect Sun Kissed Glow With A Natural Tone Blusher For An Alluring Look. It Includes Glowing Shades For An Irresistible Powder For The Cheeks. The Velvet Effect Creates A Long Lasting Impact And Highlights The Face To Get The Desirable Sultry Look. Even A Soft Touch With High Intensity Hues Will Bring Out The Natural Flush On Your Cheeks. It Is Ideal For All Skin Tones.

Packaging: The product comes in a simple white cardboard packaging with brand’s name and some cute designs printed in black on it.The three products are easily visible from outside through a small section cut in middle which is a smart thing to do. At the back of the packaging, price, expiry & packaged date, kit no and ingredients list is mentioned. Inside there is a plain black plastic case which contains the three products. The lid of the case is not sturdy but has a see through lid. Inside the lid there is a long narrow rectangular mirror (attached slantly 😦  ) for touch ups. I use it for doing my eye makeup otherwise I feel that it is not a good option for applying blusher. Anyways, the packaging is very travel friendly. And this fell from my hands accidentally thrice but luckily the packaging is good enough so it didn’t break πŸ™‚



Ingredients & Shelf life:


Texture & Fragrance :

The texture of all the three products, i.e, Blush, Correcter and highlighter is very smooth and glides on skin effortlessly. The blush has some tiny gold shiny particles but doesn’t transfer on face. Highlighter particles are not at all big and the shimmer blends in nicely and give a silvery champagne finish.Corrector is a matte brown powder with no shimmer.Fragrance is not that strong and does not linger or bother at all. One needs to bring the product close to nose to smell it.

Now let’s begin with the review.

My experience with the product:

blushThe first thing which came into my notice was this long narrow mirror which was attached slanted. However, I ignored that fact. I liked the packaging cause it is travel friendly. Next thing which attracted me was the blush. So I will start with the blush’s review. I found it the best product out of these three.

  1. Blush is a nice pinkish coral shade with some golden reflexes in it. It’s matte when applied and I rarely see the shimmer particles.It is pigmented but it is good for daily use and I had to apply it two – four times to get a good amount of pigmentation. But for daily use or natural look I use a tint of it and it looks good. This color compliments my skin tone. It’s the second most pigmented product.This will suit most skin tones including medium- dusky skin tone. Lasted for aprrox. 4 hours. Blush has got a little fallout when picked with a brush.
  2. Highlighter. The highlighter looks champagne highlighter and I was really excited to see it. But on application it looks more like a silverish- champagne color. Little different from the actual product.Though this fact cannot be ignored that this is the most pigmented product when applied. It looks beautiful on nose and forehead area. Though it is a neutral highlighter ,i.e, neither warm toned nor cool but looks more like a silver cool toned in real on my skin . Highlighter is not very intense but is build able.Highlighter looks great on inner eye area and brow bone. Lasted for 4-5 hours.
  3. Corrector: This was the product I was most excited about and had lot of expectation but this turned my mood off 😦 This is the least pigmented product and does not work on my skin tone. It’s a useless product for me.It’s very similar to a compact powder. I tried it on my friend who has a medium skin tone. It showed no good result on her face as well.This powder actually made me hope less about the product and kind off ruined my experience. It really makes me sad now ,cause according to the quality it provides I feel like I could have bought a better product than this at a much better price.

Nonetheless, the blush and highlighter is good. But I was not very much impressed from this one. Anyways, please have a look at the pictures below which shows swatches of this kit πŸ™‚



As you can see in both the pic, I applied correcter 2 times but still there is no pigmentation.One is indoor lighting other one is outdoor.


Here is the one time swipe of highlighter on my cheeks.( The light has made it shine more, sorry could’t help )



  • Packaging is travel friendly.
  • Texture is smooth
  • Fragrance is non- bothering
  • Blush is a beautiful pinkish coral shade.
  • Can be used for daily use and will suit most skin tones. Lasted for approx 4 hours.
  • Highlighter is good can be used for daily use. Lasts for 4-5 hours.
  • Colors are build able.
  • Highlighter looks great on inner eye area and brow bone.


  • Mirror provided did not come very handy.
  • Corrector is least pigmented.
  • Highlighter looks little silverish on my skin which I don’t like.
  • Availability is an issue because products are most of the time out of stock.
  • The corrector is like a normal compact powder.
  • Corrector didn’t work on medium skin as well.
  • Corrector won’t work on dusky skin at all.
  • Got no satisfaction using it. Products could be more better.

Will I purchase this again? β€”->  No. πŸ˜¦ 

would like to try other products out there.

Rating : 2.5/5

If you guys found this helpful or want to share your experience regarding this product Please feel free to comment.

Thank you!


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