Chambor Extreme Matte Lipcolour 06 Earthy Red: Review

Hey my lovely readers!

How u guys doing! If you guys are following me you might be seeing that I am posting mostly about reviews. Well I do love skin care more than makeup but as of now I am doing my product reviews first.

It was winter months when I spotted a gorgeous product on amazon. Well, the color made me go crazy. If you don’t know me let me tell you that I am an extreme or no extreme kind of person, like no middle choice. I love bold colors and nude colors. This product, though it was very expensive, said to me with puppy eyes :* “please buy me,” 😀 and when I showed it to my mother she was like – Just buy it! 😀 And so here I am with review of this product ( You might have already guessed by its name ) – Chambor Extreme Matte lipcolor in earthy red. By the way I really love matte colors!

I bought it online from :- Amazon

Price: Rs. 845 for 2.8g

The product says:


Packaging: The product comes in a simple black cardboard packaging. The finish is matte black with the brand name and product name printed in silver-white color and red. The package has ingredients listed on one side and the price,batch no, mfd and expiry date and, product description on other two sides which is a plus point.

Inside the outer package lies the lipstick. It is in crayon form and has a matte body and is secured with a transparent plastic cap.The shade name is printed on the opening of cardboard as well as on the lipstick as well.


Ingredients and shelf life:

Shelf life: three years from mfd date.



Texture and fragrance: I love the fact that it has no fragrance. Texture is smooth and glides on lips effortlessly giving full color in one swipe. It’s not completely matte. It is creamy matte.


My experience with the product:


I have already said that how much I loved the product at first sight. Though the packaging is not that attractive for me (though not a con as well) but this shade is. The size of the lip crayon is around 12 cm.

Those who love bold lipstick shades will love this.Like name, Like color . Its exactly earthy red color, and that is how I will describe the dark brownish red shade.

It glides on lips smoothly and has a soft buttery texture due to which the product might get finished early. It does not dry out lips .

Regarding the price, well yes its costly. Chambor is a cruelty free brand. The problem I faced with this is that some claims it to be sharpen-able BUT it is not easy to sharp 😦 . They should have provided a suitable sharpener.

It is a bit transferable as well. It remains only for 4-5 hours that too with drinking and eating and lives a stain behind . This shade will complement most skin tones. But I have seen many swatches of this and on my lips it looks different as compared to the swatch on my hand. It looks reddish-brown. Anyways it is now one of my favorite lipsticks and my mom’s too.

So without wasting much time I will move on to pros and cons


  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Complements most skin tones
  • Glides on lips effortlessly
  • Creamy matte texture
  • Does not dry out lips
  • No fragrance(fr sensitive nose)
  • Lasts 4 – 5 hours
  • Leaves behind a dark stain
  • Cruelty free
  • Beautiful bold yet elegant shade.


  • 2.8 gm for Rs. 845 is costly
  • Difficult in sharpening
  • Transfers a bit.
  • No sharpener is provided.


size: approx 12 cm



Will I purchase this again? —-> yes!

Rating : 4.5/ 5

Rating : 4.5/ 5


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