The Ultimate Summer Guide – Taking care of health .(Part-1)

Weather these days are so unpredictable just like people around us 😛 One day it is raining and the other day sun is full moody and this is really irritating sometimes.

This weather in summer  is not only making us confused but can be a bit tricky to our health as well. You may feel fatigue, restless, or you may have slight high temperature, headache, digestion problems, etc. If you are facing such problems including  heat strokes due to “loo “(wind) which can be really dangerous, then don’t worry. Here I am going to share some health related solutions to avoid such problematic situations.

Tips to beat deadly summer heat

  1. Hydrate : I know this is the most heard and boring tip by now but nothing can be more better than giving hydration to your body which can and will always eliminate a lot of toxic from body.Drinking water to quench your thirst is just not enough. In summers specially, make a habit of drinking one glass of water (250 ml) at every one hour or one and half hour.
    Re-hydration  can help in preventing dry mouth and eyes, dry skin, or a condition where skin almost stops sweating, muscle cramps, nausea, heart palpitations and dizziness.
    Try detoxifying  water to give a different touch to your plain water.

  2. Wear loose and light clothes : Choose clothes which are light colored as well as are not tight to your skin. Tight fitting clothes can also create problem of rashes. Light colored clothes help in maintaining body temperature as light colors trap less heat.Preferably wear cotton clothes which helps in easy passage of air to and fro and helps in sweating which is necessary.

  3. Drink fresh fruit juice : Instead of having beverages like coffee, tea, soft drink go for fresh fruit juice. It will not only quench your thirst but will add a flavor to it as well as it contains loads of good vitamins and minerals which is essential for you body.
    It is better to drink homemade fruit juice than drinking packed one.
    Do drink coconut water which is perfect for summer Or Aam Panna which helps is combating heat stroke.

  4. Drinking buttermilk: Butter milk or chaanch is also a good option for summers. Drink it before going out in morning or afternoon.

  5. Change your diet plan: Yes you need to change your diet plan for this thirst provoking season. Eat food rich in fiber and less in calories.Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, mangoes, etc. You can chill them and then eat them as they really provide relief to stomach and satisfaction to heart. You can try mixed fruit salad with yogurt as a snack option or vegetable salad without potatoes.
    Include protein rich diet in your meal  and natural fats are better option than other fat sources. Eat good breakfast till you are full(don’t over eat) before going out or even if you are at home. Never skip breakfast. Eat lunch less than breakfast and dinner less than lunch. In summer weight can be loosed easily so do focus on your diet. Instead of GM dieting or crash dieting go for balanced diet and cut off white bread or maida ( all purpose flour) dishes, fried food .Do not drink too hot or chilled drinks instead go for moderate temperature drinks. Try less spicy food which can disturb normal bowel movements. Try eating homemade food as much as possible. Take care of food and water hygiene.

  6. Cover you face i.e, specially mouth and nose with light cotton cloth or stole before going out. This will help you to protect from heat strokes as well as hot wind. Wear goggles which will protect your eyes and prevent them from becoming red or irritable. Wear full sleeves clothes 🙂images (2)

  7. Do not drink chilled water directly after coming back home. Wait for body to come back to room temperature. Do not sit under AC to dry your sweat or take bath immediately. These are the simple things which are taught to us since childhood but we still ignore them and then fall sick.

  8.  Do not go out on empty stomach.

  9. Plan your day and avoid going out in harsh sun as much as possible

DO NOT WASTE WATER! Apart from saving yourself please keep a small clay pot or cup of water for birds and thirsty animals. They have lives too.feel the joy of being a kind human being :* Also do share it with poor people living on roadside or people constantly working in our service 🙂

maxresdefault (1)

In my next blog I will share some skin care essential for summer. Till then stay tuned and take care and do Share this with your friends and family 🙂


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