The Ultimate Summer Guide – Skin care essentials (Part 2)

Hello everyone,

I was away from my blog past one month and I was not active on my insta id, fb page as well . Lot of things were going on so I was not able to be constant here.But that’s not an excuse :D. And from now, I will try to be more active here and share my posts. Anyways I have a new fb page so please do follow it! (My fb page)

Okay back with the topic. Today my post will be about the skin care essentials for summer (Kind of empties haul πŸ˜€ ). This super elevated temperature in India is hitting a lot of people. Though by evening it starts thundering and raining which is a relief πŸ™‚ . Okay so this is not a usual boring topic about drinking water and applying cucumber or stuff like that. I will be sharing my favorite affordable products which helped me a lot to combat skin problems in summer as well as some amazing not so usual face masks πŸ˜‰

So I will stop my ranting here and straight away go to the topic .

My skin type : NORMAL+

Face wash:

I used Banjara’s Multani + Orange Tan Free Face wash .

Price = 40 rs for 50 ml + 10 ml
(online= 100 rs for 100 ml + 20 ml)

This face wash has a nice refreshing fragrance of orange. This comes in a simple tube packaging and does not dry out my face. It is so far the best face wash I used. And yes it’s travel friendly and affordable too. But it really didn’t help me in removing my tan.

Face scrub:

For face scrub I chose the natural method which not only removed my tan but also helped removing my blemishes and reduced white heads and black heads πŸ™‚

Method :

1 tbsp Orange peel powder
1/2 tbsp chick pea powder (besan)
1/2 tsp tulsi powder
1 thin piece of javitri (mace)
2 to 3 nagkesar( Messua Ferrea)
1/4 tsp nutmeg powder and wild or kasturi turmeric

You can omit the ingredients which you do not want to use or if you have sensitive skin.


The only toner + face mist that I used this summer was my home made green tea and rose water + lemon toner.

It feels so fresh and skin feels so smooth and rejuvenating after using it. Though its not possible to see weather its rejuvenating instantly but its easy to feel πŸ˜›


I used one leftover green tea bag after using it for my tea.
Take one cup of hot water . Brew the tea in it. Add some fresh organic rose petals to it. You can use rose water if you want. Let it sit till it cools down . Strain it and a 4-5 drops of lemon juice in it not more. If you have sensitive skin add 2-3 drops or completely avoid it. Done! I spray it on my face after taking bath and at night before sleeping or whenever I want to. It stays for 10 days maximum if kept in fridge.


I prefer Lotus sunscreen over Neutrogena . Neutrogena may not suit combination or oily skin but will suit dry skin people.Β  I didn’t like it for many reasons. First for my normal to slight combination skin in no way it is matte. It felt really oily. Its in tube packaging and travel friendly. But I do suggest you to use sunscreen it is must. This is cult favourite beauty product of many Indians. But I haven’t seen any result. 😦

Price: 499 rs for 88 ml


Body lotion:

I went with my usual favorite affordable body lotion – Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe soothe. Its good for all skin type specially normal and dry skin. It has aloe in it and is really refreshing to apply and the scent is also mild and nice.

Price : 100 rs for 100 ml

Face moisturizer:

I used Fab India Moisturising lotion aloe vera which is for normal skin. I kind of have mixed feeling about this but it is good product in this price range. It is good for summers and has non greasy runny consistency. The fragrance is also good.

Price: Rs 290 for 200 ml

Lip balm:

As usual my favorite lip balm- The Body Shop Vit E lip balm. (My detailed review)

De-Tan remedy:

I know not many of us can go for complete face mask or facial routine frequently specially students away from home.
The only affordable easy option was Patanjali’s Aloe Vera gel. It is like now a cult beauty products for we Indians. You can see the empty tube of this.I just apply it like a face mask after coming back home from a harsh day and it gave relief to my burning and irritating skin. And then used to was it after 1 hour. I never applied this during night cause I am an impatient girl and I didn’t want to mess my bedsheets and pillows πŸ˜€

But again I am not a big fan of thisΒ but as a temporary face mask for sun tan removal its a good option.

Price: 80 rs for 150 ml


Face masks:

I will be sharing some not so common but still known face masks which will help you in combating skin problems of summer including tan and will give an instant lift to your mood.

    1. Flower mask:
      You need- 1 tbsp rose powder or rose paste ( fresh and organic)
      1 tbsp marigold paste
      1 tbsp multani mitti (fuller’s earth)
      Mix them all together and apply evenly on face keep it for 30 minutes and wash it off.

      download (1)

    2. Papaya-aloe face mask:
      You need- 1 tbsp papaya pulp
      1 tbsp aloe gel or juice
      1/2 tsp turmeric powder

    3. Grape-banana face mask:
      You need- 4-5 black or green grapes mashed
      1/2 ripped banana
      1 tbsp raw milk

    4. Strawberry-cucumber face mask
      You need- 1 mashed strawberry
      1 tbsp cucumber juice

    5. Oats-Chickpea face mask
      You need- 1 tbsp finely grind Oats powder
      1 tbsp rose water
      1/2 tbsp chickpea powder

    6. Tomato-cucumber face mask
      You just need cucmber and tomato juice in equal parts.

    7. Green tea- licorice face mask
      You need- 1 tbsp green tea finely grind
      1 tbsp licorice powder(mulethi)
      1 tbsp rose water.
      download (2)


Facial oils:

The facial oil that really helped me was lightweight non – greasy oils.

Grape seed oil, Rose hip oil (My review) and almond oil.


You can choose any three of these. Other options areΒ  jojoba oil, carrot seed oil or apricot kernel oil. Better stick to any one.

That’s it guys! Hope you all found this review helpful. Please share it and do foolow my blog and comment your precious comment here. And do not forget to check out my fb page πŸ™‚

Thank you and take care. Bye!



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