Review of L.A Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow -NUDES

Hey everyone!

Today I will be doing review on one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. As you already know by the title, I don’t think I will be repeating it again. This eyeshadow palette collection comes in four shades-Neons, Ultra, Smokey and Nudes.I decided to buy nudes shade because nudes, or say neutrals, really attract me. I like warm browns, and pinks and dark colors for eyeshadows.
Recently I did a haul post where I shared all my products and said that I will be doing a review on them. If you haven’t read it yet then click here.

Anyway, without stretching it any further let’s get straight into the review.

Price : Rs 950 for 12g or 0.42 OZ.

Bought it from nykaa

The product says:

Gorgeous must-have eyeshadow palettes filled with a dozen majorly pigmented shades, L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow gives you the best of all colors to allow you to create stunning looks!

  • The variety of colors and textures in the Collection include shimmer and matte shades making these captivating palettes very versatile to go from an everyday look to a night out.
  • Each unique look is featured in its own luxurious glossy book with a double-ended brush and mirror inside.
  • Apply L.A. Girl?s Pro Primer to create long lasting looks.
  • Suitable for women.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.



It come is black cardboard box with see through window and a magnetic closure. The window enables us to view the eyeshadows. The top cover has brand name printed and has a beige or nude eyeshadow case.At back of the palette ingredients are mentioned with net wt. The magnetic closure is not very sturdy and can open accidentally if kept in purse or bag. The palette is slim rectangular and very light in weight.
Inside the top cover there is a long slim rectangular mirror which does not provide view of full face but is okay for touch ups and to see while blending eyeshadows. There is also a dual end brush provided in the palette with a sponge tip applicator on one side and flat shade brush on other side which I found not helpful.
The packaging overall , I felt, is neither flimsy nor sturdy πŸ™‚ Not very travel friendly until and unless if not closed in a makeup box or vanity box.



Pigmentation and Texture:

The eyeshadow has total 12 shades. Out of which 3 are mattes and rest all are shimmery shades. Each shadow is 1 gm by weight.The first 6 shades are from pink and mauve color family and the 7th one is a golden shade and rest are from brown ,taupe and grey shade family.

The matte shadows present are basically in warm pink tones except one which is white and is the lightest and they are not as much as pigmented as shimmery ones. So one has to build up the colors. But they are decent in pigmentation. It can be a bit powdery as well. They could have added more warm matte shades, I wish.
The rest shimmery shades are gorgeous but has some fillers and as a result lot of fall outs happen.It contains some fillers as ingredients but still performs good.

Texture wise they are soft and bendable. No big chunks of glitter but just small shimmer particles and comparably smoother than matte shades.

I will try to explain the color shades as per my understanding though I know I am not very good at it πŸ˜›

  • 1st Shade= white matte shade
  • 2nd shade= light nude pink matte shade
  • 3rd shade= light pink shimmer shade
  • 4th shade= dusty rose matte shade
  • 5th shade= pearly champagne shimmer shade
  • 6th shade = light mauve shimmer shade
  • 7th shade = golden shimmer shade
  • 8th shade= grayish taupe shimmer shade (has a greenish hue)
  • 9th shade= champagne shimmer shade with pink hues(Similar to 5th one)
  • 10th shade= taupe shimmer shade
  • 11th shade= dark chocolate-brown shade (not very shimmery)
  • 12th shade= metallic gray shimmer shade.


One swipe.
multiple swipes.

My experience:

I really enjoyed playing with colors of this palette. It is not that it does not have pros or cons. The best thing is in spite of all these they performed well. They stayed on my eyelids for approx 4 hours without primer πŸ™‚

Colors can be built up (I know I am saying this again and again πŸ˜› )and as a result can form nice transition shade as well. I wish there were more mattes,i.e. equal number of mattes and shimmers . Anyway the way it is it still surprises me . Here are two looks of mine that I created using this palette. Hope you will like it .


Smokey look (Pls ignore my bushy eyebrows :P)


a soft look πŸ™‚

I know I am not that pro but you can get an idea as what all looks you could create with this.

Do I recommend this? —-> YES!

Rating : 3.9/ 5

So this was my review guys. Hope you all like it. Please share your comments below πŸ™‚ Lots of love ❀ and stay gorgeous inside out :*



  1. Really loved the in depth review! Always see this pallet but always walk past it, will deff have to try it! Check out my blog for ways to save money on makeup and read some reviews!

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