Review Of PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (mini)

Hi everyone!

Enjoyed a good long vacation and now I am back to my blog!
Hope you all are safe and sound ❤

Today I will be doing a quick and short review of Pac beauty blender sponge (mini). If you are a beauty enthusiast or are someone who enjoys watching lot of makeup tutorials on you tube then you might be knowing about this product. Hope this short review will be helpful for you.

Price: Rs. 250

The product says :

These minis were designed specifically to target smaller areas of the face such as under the eyes, around the nose & to camouflage blemishes such as acne & dark spots allowing you make any blemish disappear like magic. This sponge will allow the product to sit on the top of the sponge rather than being absorbed. Allowing you to complete your make-up application with less products & less time. Effortlessly blends cream, liquid & powder concealer products for the ultimate targeted precision & the same impeccable performance. Top Tip: Use this unique sponge for your cream, liquid or powder foundation. It can also be used contouring, highlighting with cream or powder products. This Beauty Blender has a shape of Miracle.



It comes in a very intact and air tight plastic pouch with PAC’s logo at front and all details and instruction of this product at the backside printed on black background with white fonts.

Packaging is okay but I preferred a cylindrical container though this one is much travel friendly.
It comes with two red colored dew drop shaped sponges.

Size and Texture:

The sponges are very soft and spongy. It can be easily squeezed and is bouncy.Very mini in size so it can be used for under eyes and eyelids and spot concealing.Swells when dampened and allows easy application.

One looks big because it is dampened and the other one is dry

My Experience:


  • Easy to use
  • Travel Friendly
  • Gives air brush finish
  • Conceals under eye circle nicely
  • Pointed side easily reaches the inner corner of eyes, around nose.
  • Semi wet sponge works well when any product is picked with it directly and then stippled it on required area
  • Good for spot concealing
  • Works with blush, contour product as well
  • Easy to clean , air dry and reuse.


  • Too small in size to be used for the whole face
  • Takes time to cover whole face because of it’s small size
  • Wear and tear easily so use and keep it carefully
  • I wish there were two different shapes rather than both being dew drop shaped

Do I recommend this? —-> YES!

Will I repurchase it ?—–> YES!

Rating : 4.2/ 5

So this was my review guys. Hope you all like it. Please share your comments below 🙂 Lots of love ❤ and stay gorgeous inside out :*



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