Review of Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek color.

Hello My Readers.

Today I am really excited to do a new review on lakme 9 to 5 weightless matte mousse lip and cheek color. I know I may be the last person to do a review on these liquid lipsticks but I really want to share my experience with you all

Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse lip and cheek color comes in 10 different shades. I bought it online from nykaa (here. ).Its original price is Rs 575 but I got this in discount.

I bought two shades – Plum feather and Coffee lite

Read the detailed review to know how it performed on me, specially those who doubt that it doesn’t work on dusky skin tone or pigmented lips.

Price: [The website shows Rs. 600 but the packaging mentions Rs. 575 each as price for 9g]

The Product says:

lipstick blog

Expiry Date: Use before 24 months from mfd date.

Fragrance and texture:
I really liked the fragrance of the product. It reminds me of chocolates, pastries, cookies, cream and sweets. It smells yummy! And maybe I have become addicted to it.
Texture is very creamy and glides on smoothly.After application once it dries it gives a powdery matte finish.Regarding the usage of this as blush I will say that yes it can be used as a blush as said in the description and it does blend nicely. On lips it can be a bit drying.


lipstick blog~04

lipstick blog~08

The packaging is beautiful. It comes in nice shiny rose gold cubical cardboard packaging. On one side the Mrp, exp date, and net wt, batch is mentioned. On the back side shade name and product description is mentioned. On top from where the product is to be opened, brand name is printed in black. On front brand name and product name is mentioned in black fonts. The product is inside another plastic packet enclosed inside the cardboard. Ingredient list is missing.

lipstick blog~11

The lipstick can be applied with a doe foot applicator. It helps in easy application of the product. The tube has screw on shiny cap and flesh pink tube with brand and product name printed in black fonts.


lipstick blog~01

I bought two shades namely Plum Feather and Coffee Lite. Both of these are two very different shades. One is deep reddish pink with bluish undertone and the other one is dusky rosy brown color. But has less tones of rose or pink in it. I really adore such colors. And some reviews also mention that it is a dupe of Kat Von D Lolita. Since I haven’t used it so I cannot compare. These lip colors give full pigmentation in one swipe.
It can be a mlbb shade for fair skin tones.
Plum feather will be much darker pink or may look more reddish on very fair to medium skin tones. These two colors will look good on indian skin tones.

lipstick blog~07

lipstick blog~10
Pic clicked : natural light (outdoor)

lipstick blog~09.jpeg

Q. Will shade coffee lite work on dusky or deeper skin tone and on pigmented lips?

Well you may see at the beginning of this review that I have mentioned my skin tone, the concealer that perfectly blends in my skin, and the color of my lips. I saw many reviews suggesting that this color may not suit dusky or deeper skin tone but anyhow I decided to buy it and try it. I am not at all saying that those reviews were false but my experience led to a different conclusion. I felt that the color of my lips: deep brownish plum color has actually helped to be a background for this color to match and blend in. Since I have got warm yellow under tone, my skin may look little lighter in the camera. The shade matched me nicely but any one who is darker than my skin tone or maybe darker than nc 45 may have to use darker lip liner with it . (La girl concealer fawn is believed to be a dupe of nc 45 concealer). Essence soft berry lip liner is perfect for deeper skin tones to be used with this shade(Review coming up soon). So yes, women of my skin tone can flaunt this color nicely.But you need to try before you come to conclusion.

My experience:

These shades stayed on me for 4 hours without eating or drinking. Once you drink or eat something it starts to come off from inner side of the lips. Eventually it starts to fade off after 4 hours. It is not transfer proof.It does tends to settle into the fine lines of the lips. It is not 9 to 5 kind of formula but is decent on staying power. It is thick non runny product but gives a powdery finish which may be a bit drying.
So here is my advice: Do exfoliate and moisturize your lips 25 mins before application with a good lip balm. Do apply a lip primer if you want lipstick to stay longer.
I applied it without any lip primer or moisturizer. Those who have chapped dry lips may struggle with this a bit.
Regarding blush : well it gives really nice blended finish . Looks really natural. So using this as a blush is a good idea to manage the whole look. I really like plum feather as blush which doesn’t look clownish if used in minimum quantity. Plum feather as a blush will look gorgeous on darker skin tones.

lipstick blog~13.jpeg
Indoor light. Plum feather on left and Coffee lite on right
lipstick blog~12.jpeg
Coffee lite on left and plum feather on right
lipstick blog~14
Coffee lite
lipstick blog
Coffee lite
lipstick blog~15
Plum Feather

Now these two are added in My most favorite lipstick list.

Do I recommend this? —-> YES!

Will I repurchase it ?—–> YES!

Rating : 4.3 / 5

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