Products I regret Buying. :/


From my previous blog posts I will be sharing the products I regret buying and also won’t recommend any one to buy it. The links of those posts will be given below.

  • Patanjali Aloevera Gel:
    I had high hopes when I started using this but few weeks later I found it to be not so promising. Also I find my natural aloe gel much much better. The only pro is that it is inexpensive. I am disappointed by the fact that they mention base q.s but not full ingredient. So how does this make this brand different from others. Also I don’t understand the use of green color added in it. Aloevera gel is not green. Its transparent white but as a temporary face mask for sun tan removal its a good option.
    I have used there saffron chandan version (yellow one). That also failed to give results. An moreover it is less moisturising than green one and is full of fragrance.

    link to my post: here


  • Neutrogena Dry Touch block Sunblock Spf-50+:
    My My My. I very well know how this particular product has become cult product of  beauty enthusiasts and others. It may be yours ( one who is reading this) personal favourite too. But I dont like this product at all. I came across an article discovering the harmful chemicals to avoid in sunscreen. Yes it debatable as to what is harmful but safe play is always good. Neutrogens does contain many of them.

    Second, My skin type is normal to slight combination. I have faced trouble using this. It makes my t- zone as well as my whole face oily, greasy. It didn’t perform much on my skin protection as well as my sun tan was same as how it would be before applying it. So its a big no for me. I wasted 499 rs :/

    link to my post: here


  • Fab India Moisturising Lotion Aloe Vera:
     I used Fab India Moisturising lotion aloe vera which is for normal skin. I kind of have mixed feeling about this but it is good product in this price range. It is good for summers and has non greasy runny consistency. The fragrance is also good. But I have noticed that it just moisturises superficially and after a while I dont see where the product is. So No I wont but this.

    link to my post: here


  • Sivanna Blusher Highlighter Kit- 06:
     I do not like their corrector. It is useless. Blush is fine otherwise not a great product. I have warm yellow undertone. The highlighter looks champagne shade but on application gives more silvery look. So I am just waiting for it to expire :/

    Full review here


  • Essence Big Lashes Mascara:
     This mascara is between good and worst. Though I really love how this brand provides such affordable mascaras that are comparatively good than cheaper alternatives. I really hate it failed my expectations. It clumps like hell but gives nice volume. But I regret buying it.

    Link to my post: here


  • Elle 18 Color Pop lipstick (Rosy Blush):
    Hell! Wasted my 100 rupees. It broke after first use. Very soft and transferable. Shade is similar to tomato red but not a fan of it. Do not like the smell though it is not very bothering. Very short lasting power.

    Link to my post: here

  • Maybelline Fit me + Poreless Foundation in 322 Warm Honey and 310 Sun Beige:
    Wrong shade!!!!!! 😦 My mistake. Coverage is fine. Not very impressive. Will try another shade though. They should have more in between shades in India because we Indians also have various! shades!. Come on! Maybelline. We can expect that from you! Can’t we ?

    Link to my post: here


  • Himalaya Refreshing and clarifying toner:
    Does nothing what it claims. Super sticky. I saw its price and online reviews and bought it and now I am regretting it. Not going to try again. The moment I opened bottle it gave me headache. But then strong fragrance disappeared but again its not very impressive .
  • Juicy Chemistry Lavender, Myrrh, Wild honey Night cream:
    Ohkay so lot of claims but didn’t see any difference. Superrrr Oily. No, not trying again.



  1. Yeah true review..
    I really donn know much about makeup products
    But some products like patanjali alovera gel and fit me foundation these do not stand wat they really say😟

    Liked by 1 person

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