Hello every one! Thank you so much for taking interest in knowing about me!

My name is Priya and I am from Kerala, India. I always wanted to write a blog and connect with people through this platform. Though I love writing but I chose beauty as an option for my blog. I founded this blog to share my creativity,ideas and learn new things from people around the world!

I love nature and mountains are always my first love ♥. Nature has always inspired me through its art and to live a healthy life and use natural products! All form of arts attract me and I fell in love with makeup when I saw art in makeup.Here in this site I would like to share natural remedies, only which actually works and is tried and tested. I would also do product reviews, write about health and women’s issues. For me beauty has been always a part of art and I see beauty in everything! I believe “kindness needs courage and kindness is beauty”. Every being is beautiful and so are you. No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart.You have a kind and beautiful heart and you are very patient to read all these 😛

I am not a pro but would love to learn from you and am eager to see your opinion in the comment section.

Follow me :
Instagram: she_and_hercurls.
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sheandhercurls/
Email:     sheandhercurls@gmail.com

You can message me with your questions related to  my post to my email id and follow me on fb and insta.

Thank you!



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