Hello !

My name is Priya and I am from Kerala, India.
I found this blog to bring my creativity and writing to a public platform where I want to write and talk about my very personal interest of product reviews and body care overall. I don’t prove to be “different” but I definitely know that whatever I will share will be with complete honesty and very basic and essential knowledge of the topic.

I grew up with lush trees and herbs and so I recall lot of information regarding them.  I will share what is required, learned from my own experience and from the  knowledgeable.

I love nature and mountains were always my first love ♥. Nature has always inspired me through its art to live a healthy life and use natural as much as possible. Here in this site I will share natural remedies only which actually works and is tried and tested, and may caution my readers regarding common ingredients used and will do product reviews, write about health and women’s issues.

“Not all chemicals are bad, Not all natural products are safe”

For me beauty has been always a part of art and I know its imperfect.
I believe “kindness needs courage and kindness is beauty”. Every being is beautiful and so are you. No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart.

“In no way or means my intention here is to give remedies or suggestions to bash one’s natural body shape, type, or any hair type or change one’s natural color, be it dark or light ; we all are a part of rainbow”

” I do not promote any brand, I just recommend. ”

You have a kind and beautiful heart and you are very patient to read all these 😛 ❤


I am not a pro but would love to learn from you and am eager to see your opinion in the comment section.

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Email:     sheandhercurls@gmail.com

You can message me with your questions related to  my post to my email id and follow me on fb and insta.

Thank you!



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