Hello Humans!

My name is H Priya and am from India.

Welcome to “your” blog.

Yes I know that I operate this blog, but this blog is curated for you specially. Feel at blog home, through your smart gadgets 😉

I have created this platform to talk about all that we could- about us, about you, about yours and theirs and every things that our life shuffles between: health, beauty, makeup, social issues, our ambitions, dreams, etc.

I needed a medium to share my knowledge and new learnings on skin care, health, makeup, and varied topics that affects us specially women ( if you want I can talk about the sun, moon, chocolates, demogorgans, santa, and that rhinos are unicorns gone fat, flat-earth societ—oops! No not that )

Here’s what I plan to present you all with:

  • My blog welcomes all of you irrespective of your gender. Yes, mostly women oriented, but if a post might help you, then no worries, you are free to give your opinions. I will post unisexual topics as well 😀
  • I am optimistic, opinionated, and respect ethics and culture.
  • I am little biased towards skin care.
  • I will not misguide you regarding science.
  • I do believe in home remedies but I do not label every grandmother’s remedy as an Ayurvedic medication. Because it is not.
  • Ayurveda is much more than just mixing some herbs and applying on body.
  • I am not among people who simply without any research, label an ingredient as cancerous because sharing with half knowledge is fear mongering. Yes it is a huge responsibility because just reading two three blogs is not science.
  • I do not want to invest my money in a product just for its attractive packaging. Sorry. I am cautious of what I buy.
  • I am not going to tell you the long story about what colour foundation the SA forced me to buy,or how I freaked out seeing a pimple on my face before a party or……… that my cat ran away with a dog because I was away ( it did 😭).
  • I am guilty of using cheesy and time wasting stories and I did copy other bloggers style but we all find our way.
  • Yes. I am bit blunt. But not rude 🙂
  • I will try to keep my posts short, to the point probably in bullet points because bullet points are dope inventions 😉
  • I do not give relationship or medical advice.
  • Links of post will be on insta bio and link of insta profile will be in every post.
  • I am simple, so will be my blog.

My blog is against any kind of discrimination and feel free to comment your opinion or email me for any requests or business.

You can stay connect with me through fb and insta.

Follow me :
Instagram: sheand_hercurls.
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sheandhercurls/
Email:     sheandhercurls@gmail.com

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